Reverend Chef Joni
Reverend Joni Dennis

Joni Dennis is ordained as a non-denominational clergy with the
title Reverend. She honors all faiths, traditions and spiritual paths.

And, as a legally licensed member of the clergy thru Rose Ministries,
she is
able to perform religious rites, including marriages, funerals,
and baptisms.
Rose Ministries itself is a non-denominational ministry committed to the
rights of the individual to experience the divine
according to their own personal beliefs.

Reverend Joni is delighted to help you to plan a unique wedding around any special theme you have in mind, whether you see something similar here or not. She will work with local vendors and talents who can supply all your other needs to make your wedding dream come true.

Hand Fasting Ceremonies,
Full Military Ceremony,
60s Flower Power,
Earth Lover Environmentalist,
Highland Scottish Rites,
Party Boat Wedding
Cruise and Reception,
Hawaiian Beach Luau,
A Very Priivate Wedding in a
Tiny Old-Timey Chapel

How Much?

"Weddings vows are the most sacred vows a couple take in their lives.
I feel it is very important for the Bridal Couple to have a ceremony that expresses what they feel in their hearts toward each other and toward
their family and friends. Each ceremony is tailored to
fit the desires
and needs of each bridal couple."...Rev. Joni Dennis

Simple Officiating at Elopement
including personal consultation and skyping, Only $300
With 15 or more witnesses in attendance,
including personal consultation and skyping, $300

Outside 45 mile radius of Beaufort, add Fuel Surcharge, +$50
Add a 2 hour rehearsal +$150

$200 deposit for all ceremonies
Discount for Active Military

Marriage Requirements in Carteret County, NC
1. Both Parties have to appear in the office of the Register of Deeds at the Carteret County Courthouse, Beaufort, NC to sign the marriage license.

2. If either Party is 21 years of age or younger, a Birth Certificate is required. If older than 21, a drivers license, passport or military ID may be used for identification.

3. A $40.00 Fee is collected for the Marriage License. Checks are not accepted.

4. A Social Security Card must be shown by each Party. Instead of Social Security Card, a pay check stub, insurance card which shows SSN or other legal document bearing the SSN can substitute.

5. If either Party is younger than 18 years of age, Parent(s) must appear in the Register of Deeds office with identification. If Parents are divorced, proof of custody is required of the Parent signing consent.

6. If Party is younger than 16, a signed note from a doctor stating that the bride is pregnant is required.

7. There is no Waiting Period after a Marriage License is issued, and the License is valid for 60 days.

NOTE: If Party(s) are divorced, the decree of Absolute Divorce is required to record the month and year of that divorce on the Marriage License.
NOTE: If a Party cannot appear at the Register of Deeds office, a signed affidavit accompanied by required identification will be accepted.

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